Manufacturing and trading of rubber products
H-2142 Nagytarcsa Tavasz utca 11.
Tel:  +36 1 4010402
Fax: +36 1 4010403

Do you have any problems with obtaining rubber components, gaskets or other moulded pieces on the field of industry?
We are waiting for your call, email or fax!
Our well qualified team is more than willing to help you any time.

Nivex P+P Kft has always been endeavouring to establish good and successful contacts with our business partners. We put a great emphasis on providing reliable service. Our customer is the most important for us, since he gives us new opportunities to enhance our company and work.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon through telephone, fax, email or personally.

You are very welcome at any time you would like to come to see our company!

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Tibor Szilágyi

Owner, Managing Director
Tel:        +36 1   4010402
Fax:       +36 1   4010403
Mobile: +36 20 7751955

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Sándor Szabó

Commercial Director
Tel:        +36 1   4010402
Tel:        +36 1   4024006
Fax:       +36 1   4010403
Mobile: +36 30 7905587
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Attila Miklós

Technical Manager
Tel:        +36 1   4010402
Fax:       +36 1   4010403
Mobile: +36 30 4134683

Commercial Assistant

Tel:       +36 1  4010402
Fax:      +36 1  4010403

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Berta Sümegi

QS Manager
Tel:       +36 1 4010402
Tel:       +36 1 4010405
Fax:      +36 1 4024003